• A careful examination of a roofing system by a highly skilled, professional building analyst. A Roof Inspection Pro inspector is a licensed roofing contractor who has performed actual roof installations and repairs of multiple different types of roofing systems. A Roof Inspection Pro inspector possess state of the art equipment such as infrared cameras, moisture metering devices and calibrated spray rack systems sometimes used in conjunction with special investigation techniques developed over the years of troubleshooting roofing systems for leaks, damage and as preventative maintenance.



A Roof Inspection Pro inspection is a third party, unbiased evaluation of the entire roof system and all associated components.

Whether the roof is a commercial or residential roof, our inspection will address the estimated age, the current condition of the roof covering materials, the installation method(s), approximate useful life, and necessary predictive maintenance including repairs plus, any associated future repair costs.




Roof inspections performed as a presale supplementary inspection will offer much more detail than what is typically provided by a traditional home inspection for example; our report will provide recommended repairs and approximate costs of any necessary repairs whereas home inspection reports may just describe the roofing and any “visible” damage.

We should add that most home inspection firms do not walk all roofs.



Roof leaks, even small ones can be the cause significant damage. Moisture intrusion can cause material damage and rot to roof sheathing, rafters and ceilings which can lead to mold in insulation and other areas inside the walls and ceilings.

A Roof Inspection Pro inspector possess multiple different tools such as moisture meters, a calibrated spray rack system, infrared cameras which can be used in conjunction with special investigation techniques developed over the years of troubleshooting roofing systems for leaks, and actual roof installations. Remember, your inspector is a California licensed roofing contractor.



A roof certification is a term warrantee policy typically spanning up to 4 years which guarantees the structure “free of leaks” once an inspection has been performed and recommended repairs are completed.

The term coverage policy is transferable to a new buyer and is accepted by FHA, VA and conventional lenders. This certification is provided at an additional fee.


The final inspection report is computer generated detailed report including narrative descriptions of conditions and problems, accompanied by digital photos sent to all parties as a PDF document.

Suggestions for maintenance and repairs are included as is a separate estimate of repair or replacement cost (where necessary).


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